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About us

We are more than happy to welcome you in our online store INU Clothing.

Our story

Better for our future

We are Tina and Mimi, friends, entrepreneurs and founders of the brand, a result of our most important role in our lives - being a mother. Like all mums, we, too, constantly strive to give only the best to our children and to create a better world with their help.

We are proud to be able to present our brand that is so much more. It is our youngest child that we devote our care, warmth and love. We hope that you also feel that too!


Gentle kids’ skin

INU Clothing collections consist of clothes made of high-quality, skin-friendly natural organic materials, intended for gentle and sensitive kids’ skin.  Simple, but carefully designed timeless pieces of clothes, show a hint of eternity. This is not only a result of their design, for which we believe to also suit best to all the next generations, but also because we try to follow the concept of sustainability at every step. Therefore, each of our steps is taken carefully, hopefully, to leave a beautiful world to future generations.


Clothes designed from natural materials

Quality is most important when choosing the right fabric. This is also reflected in sustainable production, without the use of pesticides, chemicals and plastics and with the view to ensure the longest possible preservation.

After each washing, already extremely soft materials become even softer and gentler to sensitive kids’ skin. GOTS and OEKO-TEX® certificates of carefully selected, organic fabrics are a guarantee for sustainable textile processing in accordance with the highest standards.

Attention to details

With manual work to high standards

Attention is also devoted to all other details. Thus, the first collection includes natural olive wood buttons, made in Slovenia. Thinking in an environmentally friendly way, we deliver clothes to you, wrapped in a recycled paper, packed in a recycled box with herbal and water colours printed on it.  

All ideas of design and details as well as sewing are implemented in cooperation with the Slovenian artists, thus enabling us to reach high standards of sustainable production. At the same time, manual work ensures that every detail on our clothes is perfect.

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