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General Terms and Conditions

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General Terms and Conditions of Business


The general terms and conditions of business shall apply to the conclusion of distance purchase contracts with natural persons on the website/online store (hereinafter: online store), controlled by the company: Divine Travel d.o.o.; registration number: 632590000; tax number: SI10226974 (hereinafter: shopkeeper/seller). The general terms and conditions of business are in accordance with regulations of the Consumer Protection Act  (ZVPot), Obligations Code (OZ), Personal Data Protection (ZVOP-1) and Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-1).  The general terms and conditions of business shall define the operations of the online store, rights and obligations of the buyer and shopkeeper, business relationship between the buyer, shopkeeper as well as the online store controller. The buyer shall be bound by the general conditions valid at the time of the purchase (placing an order online). When placing an order, the customer/buyer is warned each time about the general terms and conditions of business and confirms his/her familiarity with them these by placing an order.    


The online shopkeeper shall undertake to make available:
● shopkeeper identity data (company name and registered office, number of register where the company is registered);
● contact data enabling fast and efficient communication with the shopkeeper (electronic mail address, telephone, and similar);
● information on the essential characteristics of the products or services from the online store offer; including after-sales services and guarantees;
● information on availability of products or services from the online store offer;  
● methods and conditions of delivery of products or services implementation, particularly place and time of delivery;
● information on the payment method;  
● data on the validity of the offer from the online store;
● information on the deadline within which it is still possible to withdraw from the contract and withdrawal conditions;
● information on the possibility of return of products and the costs (if any) of such return of products for the customer;
● information on the process for handling the customer complaint and data on the shop keeper’s contact person for the contacts with users.


The online store is open every day, 24 hours per day. Because of the nature of online business, the offer of the products in the online store often and rapidly changes. All the photos of the products are only symbolic. After placing an order, on the same day, the buyer receives an order confirmation message at the buyer’s email address with the payment information notification. Any potential cancellation of the order may be formalized by an email sent by the buyer to the e-mail address hello@inuclothing within 12 (twelve) hours. If a buyer does not cancel the order within the agreed time, the purchase contract between the buyer and the seller is irrevocably concluded. Once the purchase contract is concluded, it is kept at the seller’s registered office. The seller shall pack and send the ordered products within 3-5 working days. As regards the delivery time of the seller’s contractual partner (1-2 working days), the buyer shall normally receive the shipment within 5-7 working days after receiving the payment of the pro-forma invoice.


At the moment the following method of payment for purchasing a product is available to a customer:
● credit card payment: the credit card details are entered and payment is carried out by the customer.  


After the ordered products have been delivered, the seller sends an invoice with shipment. Subsequently, the seller does not take into account any complaints regarding irregularities. The buyer shall be obliged to keep the invoice, which can be used as a warranty certificate in a later stage.


When placing an order, the customer may choose among the following delivery options:
● GLS parcel delivery in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, where the costs of delivery is 3.99 euros if the total amount of your order is up to 100 euros.
● Fee delivery is available for orders over 100 euros.


VAT is charged on the basis of the first paragraph of Article 94 of the Value Added Tax Act-1. The prices are valid on the day of purchase and shall remain in force until withdrawn. Despite exceptional efforts taken to provide most recent and precise information, the information about the price may be incorrect. In such cases, the seller shall reserve the right to change the price during the order processing. The customer will be informed in writing of that allowing him/her to withdraw from the contract or another solution to mutual satisfaction may be found.


A discount code brings various benefits when buying in the online store INU Clothing and is time limited. An active discount code may be found in advertisement messages or other media. A discount code is used when you choose products you want to buy and add it in a shopping bag. When you finish adding products in a shopping bag, continue by clicking the button show the shopping bag items. Enter a discount code in the shopping bag under the selected products. Confirm the code entry by clicking the button use a coupon. When you enter a discount code, its value is automatically deducted from the price of your order. The remaining amount must be paid. Promotions and discount codes shall be mutually exclusive (exceptions apart) and the buyer may use only one code for each order separately. The discount code may not be used on already discounted products.


INU Clothing shall commit to permanent protection of all the customer’s personal data according to the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1). INU Clothing shall store the data of buyers registered in the online store: name, surname and e-mail address. INU Clothing shall use the personal data exclusively for the order completion needs (sending of informative material, offers, invoices) and other communication needed with the customer. In no case, the customer’s data will be handed over to unauthorised persons. The customer shall be responsible for protection of personal data, too, by providing a secure email address, user name, password and suitable software (antivirus) protection of your computer.


In case of a material defect, customers may enforce their rights, if they inform the seller about a defect within 14 days after a defect is detected.  In a defect report, a defect must be described in more details enabling the seller to check the matter. The defect report can be sent to the seller through a form for withdrawal from the distance contract, accompanying consignment when receiving the order. A form for withdrawal from the contract can be also printed on the link below. The seller shall not be liable for material defects on the goods that are detected after two years or more from the delivery of goods. It shall be deemed that a defect already existed at the time of delivery if it is detected within six months after delivery. Customers who dully informed the seller of a defect have the right to demand from the seller to correct defective goods or return a part of the paid amount according to the type of defect or change the defected goods for new faultless goods or return the paid amount. In any event, the buyer has also a right to demand from the seller to compensate the damage, particularly to refund the costs of material, spare parts, transfer and transport of products, arising from non-compliance of obligations referred to in the previous paragraph of this Article. The rights of the customer referred to in the first paragraph shall be deemed null and void after two years from the date when the seller was informed about the material defect. If there is no dispute concerning the existence of a defect or any irregularity of a service performed, the company must as soon as possible, however at the latest within eight days, comply with the customer’s request from Articles 37.c and 38. of this Act. The company must give a written answer to the customer’s request at the latest within eight days from its receipt, if the existence of a defect on the goods or any irregularity of a service performed is disputable.  


In accordance with the provision of Article 43.č of the Consumer Protection Act, when the contracts are concluded remotely or away from business premises, customers have the right to inform the company within 14 days about withdrawal from the contract without the need to provide the reason for their decision. In that case customers may bear only the costs referred to in the seventh paragraph of Article 43.d of this Act. In case of withdrawal from the contract, the company shall reimburse all the received payments immediately or at the latest within 14 days after having received the notice of the withdrawal from the contract. The company shall reimburse all the received payments to customers with the same payment instrument used by customers, unless customers expressly requested the use of another payment instrument and if, therefore, they do not bears any costs. Customers may not claim the refund of additional costs which incurred if they expressly decided for other type of shipment than the most convenient and standard one offered by the company. As regards the withdrawal from the contract, customers may cover only the costs of return of goods. At the purchase contracts, the company may withhold the reimbursement of received payments until collection of returned goods or until submission of the evidence provided by customers of having returned the goods, unless the company itself offers the possibility to collect the returned goods.


The shopkeeper shall respect the valid legislation on consumer protection and Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act. The shopkeeper shall make every effort to fulfil his duty of providing efficient handling with complaints. In case of problems, the buyer may contact the seller of INU Clothing by email The complaint shall be sent to the email address The complaint handling process is confidential. Within five (5) working days the seller shall confirm to the buyer the receipt of the complaint, how much time will be needed for its examination, and constantly provide the notice regarding the process. The seller is aware that an essential characteristic of consumer disputes is disproportionality between the economic value of the claim, the time needed and costs resulting from settlement of a dispute, which is also the main obstacle for the consumer to start a dispute in front of a court. Therefore, the seller shall do his or her best to solve any potential disputes by a mutual agreement. Inu Clothing does not recognize anyone to be competent for settling the consumer disputes out-of-court (according to the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act).  As the online store provider in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, we are publishing a link to the platform for online settlement of consumer disputes:

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